Deep Work Summary
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Deep Work Summary

This 5 minutes summary of “Deep Work” will give you the reason why you should read this great book.

With the current situation of the world if you are stressed about your job or future or you want to increase your productivity then there is a solution to your problem in the book “Deep Work” by Cal Newport.

Basically, this book tells us that we should focus on deep work rather than shallow work.

Now before going into deep let’s talk about what is shallow work and what is deep work and why it is important to focus on deep work if we really want to survive the challenges coming ahead.

Shallow Work

Shallow work is when you don’t have deep knowledge and you are just utilizing whatever basic knowledge you have. The world is filled with people who do multitask. They can do many things but they are not a master of any field. They just have basic knowledge. The author said that the rapidly growing use of robots in the world will be a big threat to these kinds of people. Robots will surely replace them or someone else will come and do what they do in a very less amount because of growing unemployment.

Deep Work

Deep work is when you have a deep knowledge of something. Those people who have studied or practiced something very deep and they are the beasts of their field. No one can replace them, no robot no multitask person can replace them because of their deep knowledge, their mastery of their fields.

Deep Work Summary

Now we know that deep work is very important to survive in the coming time so let’s talk about how we can do deep work.
The author gives us some tricks that we can use to do deep work and become a master.

1. Monastic Method

Basically in this technique, you have to cut off yourself from everything for and dedicate that time to master the skill. Just like Bill gates, in the 1970s he isolated himself for 8 weeks to work on his project, and later on, that project became the base of Microsoft.

2. Bimodal Method

In this method, you make a balance of the Monastic method with your daily life. As most of us don’t just cut off the world so this method is a great option. You just live your daily life do your job and everything but, you also dedicate some time of the week or month or year to apply the Monastic method and achieve your goal.

3. Rhythmic Method

This is a modified version of the Bimodal method in which you set a timetable and give do your deep work according to that timetable. Like you decide that every day in the morning you will isolate yourself for one hour and practice deep work.

4. Journalistic Method

In this method, you don’t have a time table so, whenever you get free time you just isolate yourself and do deep work.
All the four methods are actually very good and if and applied rightly can give a great result.

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