5 Minutes Summary: Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
eat that frog summary, 5 minutes summary

5 Minutes Summary: Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

Eat that frog by Brian Tracy is all about getting more done in less time.

If you are the one who delays his works? If you are the one who wants to do a lot but end up doing nothing? If yes then you need to read this simple but great self-help book.

I can guarantee,  you will never be the same if you apply the principles of this amazing time management book “Eat That Frog” by author Brian Tracy. This book gives us great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time.

Suppose you have to eat a frog a day, now what is the best time to eat that frog? Brian Tracy says the best time to eat a frog should be the beginning of your day. Because in the morning time, you have all your energy and will power so you should do the most difficult task of your day like eating a frog in the morning.

The phrase, Eating a frog, refers to those tasks of our day that are most difficult and important for us. And if we don’t do them at the beginning time then we will procrastinate them for the whole day and waste a lot of our time.

Remember, the feeling of joy and satisfaction we get when we do something big and important? Doing the most difficult task of your day, in the beginning, will not only give you that feeling of joy and satisfaction but also save you a lot of time and increase your confidence.

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Let’s talk about the principles given in this book.

1. Setting The Table

If you are not clear about your task if you don’t have the clarity of what you have to do? what is the goal? then you will surely end up procrastinating and wasting your time. Let’s take my example until I decide which book should I summarise for my next blog, I waste a lot of my time. But the moment I decide on the book then everything becomes easy and I start doing it. In the same way, you can also do it, Just decide what you want to do and how you are going to do it.

2. Plan Each Day in Advance

There is an important 6P formula for time management. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Before doing or starting anything, take some time to plan how you are going to do this. If we just start doing something without proper planning, most of the time we end us wasting our time. So it is better to plan everything in advance.

3 ABCDE Technique

When you have made your list of what tasks you are going to do then it is also very important to prioritize them. By prioritizing your tasks you will have a clear idea of what is most important and what is less important and this way you can give preference accordingly.

Suppose if you mark a task with “A” then this is your most important task with huge consequence. This is your frog that you have to eat first. “B” refers to that task which is still important but less important than “A”. And you can create a whole list like this.

Personally, I found the principles of this book very helpful and I highly advise you to go and read the whole book.

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