5 Minutes Summary: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
how to win friends and influence people summary, 5 minutes summary

5 Minutes Summary: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

if we were to talk about personality development or influencing people then we must talk about “How to win friends and influence people” a masterpiece written by Dale Carnegie.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest desires people have now is to influence other people. We want other people to like us.
Now the question is how we can get other people to like us and influenced by us?

“How to win friends and win people” written by Dale Carnegie, one of the greatest books ever written on personality development is the answer to all these questions.

This book is one of the greatest bestsellers of all time and has the wisdom to change your life. So, let’s talk about some of the key ideas of “How to win friends and influence people”.

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1. Give People A Fine Reputation To Live Up To

If you want people to like you then you have to be someone who encourages them not to demotivate or humiliate them. If you want to correct someone or guide someone then focus on their improvements and not on the mistakes. Congratulate them on their small improvement rather than criticizing them for errors. This way they will not only feel good and encourage but also start liking you.

2. Encourage Others To Talk About Themselves

The wisdom behind this idea is that people are 100 times more interested in themselves and their problems than you and your problems. So if you meet people and you ask questions about them and you just listen to them carefully and take interest in their talk they will surely like your company. In the world full of me me me, be a good listener because in the current world we don’t have many.

3. Don't Resist People, Agree First

You know what happens when you deny someone’s opinion and start smashing them with your opinion and facts and info on how you are better how you are right? Even if you win but you hurt their feelings and make them upset. Instead of doing this, you should agree first on what the other person is saying. And after listening to their talk you can tell them about your opinion and now they will be happy to listen to you and maybe agreed with you.

4. Talk In Terms Of Other Person's Interests, Not Yours

This is the fundamental of marketing and you don’t know this you can not become a good marketer. Always ask yourself what do the people want? what are they most interested in? and give that to them.

As Dale Carnegie said, “Talking in terms of others’ interests’ is the royal road to their heart”.

5. Make The Other Person Feel Important And Do It Sincerely

If you think that only talking about yourself, how cool you are, how intelligent you are, what you can do, and how you did something will make people impress and they will start liking you? You are going in the wrong direction.

Every human being wants to feel important, this is the fundamental urge of every human being. And if you won’t make them feel important they will not like you. People want to spend time with those who make them feel important and people like this kind of person. So always keep in mind and do it sincerely.

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