5-Minutes Summary: Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life
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5-Minutes Summary: Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

This 5 minutes summary of IKIGAI is going to give you answers to some very big questions we all have. 

Many people are going here and there reading blogs, watching Youtube videos, going to life coaches, and fake gurus to know How to find the passion? How to make the money? How to live a more purposeful life? 

Albert Liebermann and Hector Garcia are giving us the answers we are looking for in their fantastic book “IKIGAI”.

What is Ikigai?

IKIGAI means the reason for living. 

Japanese people believe that we all have some purpose in our lives and that purpose is our Ikigai. 

You can not achieve complete happiness until you find your IKIGAI. Whatever you do, wherever you are,  you will feel that something is missing if you don’t know your IKIGAI. 

Now the question is how to find the IKIGAI. To understand, look at these 4 categories. 

1. What you love doing.
2. What you are good at.
3. What makes money.
4. What people need. 

The combination of what you love what you are good at is your Passion.

The combination of what you are good at and what makes money is your Profession. 

The combination of what makes you money and people also need it, that is called vocation. 

The combination of what people need and what you love is your Mission. 

Read it again and again. what you just read is the formula, giving you answers to your big questions. 

Ikigai summary

Look, just finding your passion or doing what you love, or doing something to make money is not enough. You have to hit the sweet spot where you are hitting all four categories. IKIGAI is the combination of all the above mentioned “4” categories. 

Let me explain this with an example. 

Suppose you love doing blogging. You practice writing blogs, and after some time, you become good at it. Now people start reading your blogs because your blogs are providing them valuable information. This way, you are making money also. 

So blogging is now your IKIGAI because it is hitting all the four above mentioned categories. 

All the successful people we look up to have achieved their IKIGAI and, that is why they are so successful. 

Finding IKIGAI is very important because it will lead you to a “Flow State”. 

You enter “Flow State” when you become so expert in your work. You enjoy it so much that you become flawless. 

You can not find your IKIGAI suddenly. You have to work for it but, when you find it, you will become irreplaceable. 

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