The 5 AM Club Book Summary
the 5 am club summary

The 5 AM Club Book Summary

You are about to know the secret of high performing people in the summary of The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life, written by Robin Sharma.

The story begins in a business seminar where two depressed and demotivated persons met an old man who is a billionaire. This old man listened to their problems and then he decided to help them by revealing to them the formula of his success. He invited them to meet him tomorrow at 5 AM.

The next morning they meet him and then this billionaire old man told them the secret behind his success is waking up at 5 AM.
Because of waking up at 5 AM, he has increased his creativity, energy, and productivity.

He told them that our brains have limited energy. In our day, we engage with many things like news, work, social media, people, and because of this, our energy level goes down, and we cannot focus on anything.

But if you wake up at 5 AM, you get a golden opportunity to focus on something without any interruption. Also, you have all your energy and peace of mind, which help you increase your productivity.

Four Pillars of Our Lives

1. Mindset: Take care of your thoughts. Because our negative thoughts attract negative energy and our positive thoughts attract positive energy. So fill your mind with positive thoughts.

2. Heart set: It is related to your emotions. You can not achieve big goals only with a strong mindset. You need peace in your emotions and personal life also.

3 . Health set: This is one of the most precious things we have. You have to take care of your health because you can not enjoy your life even if you have money and big cars if you don’t have good health.

4. Soul set: Taking care of your soul is also very important. We get busy in our daily life so much that we forget to take care of our souls. You need to spend some time alone. Do some meditation and just spend some time in peace.


Now you know what to do but, the question arises how?
Only waking up at ‘5’ will not work until you utilize that time properly. So, Robin Sharma is giving us advice on how to use the first hour of our morning. And, to do this, he gave a 20-20-20 Formula.

5 AM to 5:20 AM for Movement:

When you wake us at 5 AM then give the first 20 minutes to exercise. Your exercise should be something that makes you sweat. When you sweat, your Cortisol Hormone goes down, and it decreases fear. And the BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) goes up, which repairs your mind and improves neural connections.

5:20 AM to 5:40 AM for Reflect:

Use this time to clean up your thoughts. Spend this time in peace or do meditation. Think about the positive things and or you can take a journal and write down your thoughts on it.

5:40 Am to 6 AM for Growth:

All successful people have this thing in common, they never stop learning new things. You also must do the same. Use these 20 minutes for reading books, watch documentaries, learn psychology, read business articles, etc.

This first hour of your day will make you a member of the 5 AM club. But that’s not enough, the old man told them that how you spend the last hour of your day is equally important.

In today’s world, people are not getting good sleep. Using TV, mobile, laptops affects our sleep. The blue light coming from our mobiles and laptops decreases the Melatonin chemical in our body, which is responsible for our sleep. So, he advised not to use mobile and laptops before 1 hour of your sleep time so that you can sleep by 10 PM.

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