The Five Love Languages: 5 Minutes Summary
5 minutes summary: the five love languages

The Five Love Languages: 5 Minutes Summary

In “The 5 Love Languages” the author Gary Chapman talks about 5 different languages in which we express and accept love. 

But before going into deep we should know that love and fear are the two most powerful emotions that control us.

Love is our basic need.

If we have a good career, cars, money but we are not getting love from our spouses, families, and friends, we become sad.

Gary Chapman, who is a marriage and relationship expert said that we all have an emotional love tank and we want our spouses, family, and friends love to fill this tank.

As far as we are getting this love, we feel happy but the moment these people stop giving us love, our love tank got empty and we start feeling sad, and frustrated. And because of this, many problems start in our relationships.

It’s very important for us that our love tank remains full or at least not get empty.
If we don’t want to mess our relationships, then we must know the five love languages. So that we can express and receive in the right language and make our relationship better.

You should know that we all have a primary love language in which we want to be loved. Yes, there are secondary languages also but we enjoy getting love in our primary language the most.

Now let’s see what are the five love languages.

the five love languages

1. Words of Affirmation

To understand this, let’s take the example of one husband-wife. The husband has a decent job, he spends money on his wife and sometimes helps in household work also. But, the wife is not happy, and this makes the husband angry. Because he thinks he is giving her everything but she doesn’t care.

If you are also thinking like the husband is good, he is doing everything and the wife is at fault, then you are wrong.

For some people, your words work more than your actions. They want words of encouragement, love, and appreciation. Because their primary love language is words of affirmation.

2. Quality Time

If you show your love in words to someone whose primary love language is quality time, no doubt they will like it but it will not fill their love tank. They need your quality time, and quality time does not mean just be at home together. Quality time means giving full attention.

3. Receiving Gifts

Those who have this as their primary love language feel very special and loved when you show your love by giving them gifts. Now, most people think that I don’t have enough money to spend on gifts. Here is the secret, gifts don’t need to be expensive. you can gift a flower or something very cheap in cost. But it makes a big impact because when you give them a gift they feel you think about them care about them and whenever they see those gifts they feel your love.

4. Acts of Service

When we are discussing our first love language earlier, the husband was showing his love through acts of service. Those who have an act of service as their primary language feel loved when you help them in their work or fulfill your responsibilities.

5. Physical Touch

Now before you go in a wrong way let me clear you, physical touch does not mean only sex. Physical touch is a powerful emotional language that most people want. Sometimes giving a hug, forehead kiss, holding hands or cuddle makes the person happy and feel fulfilled.

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