5 Minutes Summary | The One Thing by Gary Keller
The one thing book summary

5 Minutes Summary | The One Thing by Gary Keller

Many people in the world do many things together, but very few people do one thing repeatedly. If you are in the first category, then chances are you will be an average person, but if you are in the second category, then you can make a big impact.

What is The One Thing

Bruce Lee said I don’t fear the man with a thousand kicks, I fear the man practiced a single kick a thousand times. The One Thing by Gary Keller is all about that one kick.

We like to feel busy. People do a lot of activities just to feel that they are doing something. Making a checklist and feeling the rush of life make them feel that they are accomplishing something. But is it really beneficial?

You have to figure out the one thing, and then you have to practice it a lot. And to know that one thing you need to ask yourself, what is that one thing you must do to achieve your goal.

This is similar to the Pareto Principle, which says that we get 80% results from 20% activities.
Now there is a harsh reality that you don’t get results instantly after focusing on your one thing. That’s why Gary Keller talks about the Domino Effect, which your efforts will bring.

You can see it like this if you improve only 1% daily, then you will be 37 times better at the end of the year. And that’s a lot of improvement, don’t take it lightly. Most people underestimate what they can do in a day, and underestimate what they can do in a lifetime.

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To master the one thing, Gary Keller has given one principle.

The 10,000 Hours Principle

This principle simply means that to master the thing you have to practice it for 10,000 hours, which means 4 hours daily practice for 10 years. Practice 4 hours daily for six days in a week then on the seventh day take a rest and plan the next six days.
Success is that simple and that hard.

Gary also tells us about six lies that are well-known in society and we must ignore them.

1. Everything is equally important

That’s really a false statement. Everything can not be equally the same. There are things which are more important than others. And the most important thing is the one thing that matters the most.

2. Multitasking

Multitasking is not bad, but you have to sacrifice your productivity for that. Without losing your flow state you can not do multitasking.

3. A Disciplined Life

Yes, discipline is necessary, but you don’t need to be very strict throughout your life. You just need to be disciplined for some days to make it a habit.

4. Will Power is Always on Call

No matter how many motivational videos you watch or how many blogs you read, you only have a certain amount of will power. Your will is on its high in the morning time and lowest in the evening time, so use it wisely and try to practice your one thing in the morning time.

5. A Balanced Life

A balanced life is something very overrated. You need to decide your priorities in both aspects of your life, personal as well as professional. Find your one thing in both aspects and focus more on that thing.

6. Big is Bad

We have been told that either big things are bad or impossible to do, but that’s not right. Decide your one thing and then attack it from all sides. If you’ve decided that you’re one thing is writing a book, then book 4 hours of your day just to practice it and do everything else after it. Model your life around you one thing.

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