Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty: 5 Minutes Summary
think like a monk summary, 5 minuts summary

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty: 5 Minutes Summary

To think like a monk, you don’t need to go to the mountains or jungle. You can do it while living in the modern world. You just need to train your mind to see new ideas, thoughts, and values.

Why You Need to Think Like a Monk:

The author Jay Shetty, says if you want to learn about innovation, you can learn it from Elon Musk. If you want to learn about business, you can learn it from Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffett. Same way, if you want to train your mind for peace, calmness, clarity, and discipline, you can learn it from a monk, because monks are experts in it.

Let’s see how

1. Find Your True Identity:

Suppose you are standing in front of a mirror and it is dusty. Can you see yourself clearly?

Jay Shetty says, this mirror is your identity and the dust on it is the influence of other people. And this dust is stopping you from seeing the real you. If you are influenced by someone’s wealth, you will run after it. If you are influenced by someone’s looks, you will start working on your body and style.

But to know your identity you must know your values.

Most people today don’t know their values. The people you spend time with and those you follow, have a high influence on your life.  If your favorite celebrity says that money is a success, you will automatically start running after money. But this is wrong because you are adopting his identity.

There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration but you must know your identity and values.

The content you consume through social media, television, news, etc, are external noises that shape your thoughts. And by removing these external noises you can see your real identity.

Jay Shetty says we have “2” types of values.

(a) Higher Values:

This gives us happiness, fulfillment, and a meaningful life.

(b) Lower Values:

This gives us anxiety, suffering, and depression.

There are two ways to know your real values.

(I) Self Audit:

Watch out for what you do with your free time. How much time you are spending on social media. And where you spend your money.

(II) Self Isolation:

Isolate yourself for some time. No mobile, no laptop, nothing. Just spend some time alone and think about your belief, what is right and wrong in your opinion. Are you spending your time who share the same values? Are those people helping you to become the person you want to become?

When you give yourself space and stillness, you can clear out the dust.

2. Remove Negativity:

You are meeting negative people daily and you can’t do anything about it. You can’t ignore all of them. Then what is the solution?

There are “3” methods given in Think Like a Monk.

(a) Allocate Time:

Decide how much time you should give to someone so that it can not affect you.

(b) 75/25 Rule:

Well in this method, you need to spend at least 75% of your time with people who inspire you and share the same values. And not more than 25% of your time with other people.

(c) Don't get involved:

Do not jump into any discussion until you have proper knowledge about it.

These tips will help you handle the outer negativity but, what about the negativity inside you.
There is a method to deal with it also.

Spot your negative feelings then stop and think why is this bothering you and finally replace it with a positive thought or something you are grateful for.

Practice gratefulness by being grateful for everything. Don’t let rejections and opinions make you feel negative. Broaden your vision and learn to be happy for others also.

If you feel happy for yourself only then you are limiting your happiness. But, if you feel happy for others also then your happiness will be limitless.

3. Know Your Intention:

When you want something, and finally, you get it, but you don’t feel happy, realize that your intention was not correct.

For example, everybody wants to get rich, but some people don’t feel satisfied after achieving so much wealth. This is because of their wrong intentions. Being rich is not the basic desire of humans. If you look deeply, you will find that people want to become rich to get a big house and cars and all. And if you go more deeply, you will find that people want these things to get respect, appreciation from others.

Now if you know your deep true desire, then go after it and try to fulfill it. And not focus on the surface level desire. If you know your true intentions, you can achieve the true purpose of your life.

4. Know Your Space and Time:

Every location has a type of energy and it gives us some kind of feelings. That’s why people study in the library and not in the gardens.

Keeping this in mind, the author says, we should set a specific location for every task.
The author also says that we should do our tasks at a set time because time has a memory. If you do something regularly at the same time then it gets saved in your mind and you start doing that task automatically. 

So, to be more productive, do the same work at the same time at the same place.

5. Surve Others:

Jay Shetty says that the highest purpose of human life is to help others. If you love something the world also needs it then this becomes your Dharma. This is the same thing mentioned in IKIGAI as the mission.

Help and love are like a circle and not a one to one exchange. If you help someone, you will surely get it in return for something you can’t think of. Spread help and love unconditionally and it will come back to you as said before, help and love are
like one circle.

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