5 Minutes Summary: Unscripted by  M. J. DeMarco
Unscripted summary, 5 minutes summary

5 Minutes Summary: Unscripted by M. J. DeMarco

Unscripted by M. J. DeMarco is showing us the harsh reality of our society. It is talking about how most of us are living a scripted life? How we have been brainwashed? The education we get in college and everything around us is shaping our thought process to think in and work in a scripted way.

Big corporates are spending lots of money just to make you believe that only their product can make you cool, you need it, without it your life sucks. You are being used by these companies and media houses and political parties.

Yeah, I know these lines are pretty harsh but this is the reality, my friend. Now The question is, how can we escape this scripted life and live a free life?

The answer is in the book “Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship” by the author M. J. DeMarco. So, let’s see what wisdom this book has.


1. Become a Producer, Not a Consumer

In 1992 The World’s Work magazine published an interview with a big businessman. The magazine asked a question to this businessman, why he reduced his worker’s labor load from 6 days a weak to 5 days a weak? And his answer was quite interesting.

He said “Consumption powers the scripted mechanism”. He explained that workers are also consumers. Giving them 2 days off per weak means they will spend more money on services and products, which will increase the demand for our products, and to meet the demand we make our workers do more production which will result in more profit.

Now to escape this trap you need to switch your side from being a consumer to a producer. Instead of wasting your time watching ads and thinking to buy those things, use that time to think about how and what you can produce. See the products you have closely, Pay attention to the packaging and marketing.

There is an old saying, “In a gold rush, don’t run for gold. Sell shovels”. Take this saying seriously.

2. Don't Chase Events, Follow The Process

Every event has a long process behind it that most people don’t see. Let’s take an example, the next time you go to a supermarket, pay attention to the products in the cart and the personality of that person.

If you see fast food and chocolates and chips and stuff like that then it is very likely that the person is overweight or unfit. The stuff they are buying is a chain and the unfit body they have is the end result of this chain.

If someone wants to reduce his weight, then he must realize that it is not going to happen in one day. He has to change his decisions and undergo the whole process of transformation. Yeah, it is time taking but to get the result you have to go through the process.

3. Build A Brand, Not Just A Company

We never ask about the degree of a brand owner because we are concern about the quality of products, not the degree. We make most of our choices on recommendations. Even before buying a mobile, we check the reviews. That is why it is important to make your company a brand so that people want to pay for your products. And for that, you need to sell your product to a specific group of people.

We don’t see Ferrari or Lamborgini ads on tv, why? because the owner of these brand know that the people buy their cars don’t waste their time watching tv. Be specific about who you want to sell your products to and focus on quality the most.

4. Graduation Is Not The End Of Eduction

A lot of people stop learning after college. Actually, your actual learning starts after college. You need to learn how to use the knowledge you have. You need to learn new skills so that you can upgrade yourself. The Internet is full of information. You need to figure out the problem first and start learning about its’ solution. Focus on the information that will benefit you now and then you can increase the areas of your knowledge gradually.

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